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Fragile movingDo you need to change your home address? Maybe you need the service of a professional mover? If that is so, On Time Moving and Cleaning LLC is the company for you. Located in the territory of Charlottesville, VA, we have been providing a comfortable moving service to residents in the region, for over 25 years. Today we are the preferred moving company, for everyone looking for a truly reliable service. We work with incredible professional determination, care and attention to detail, and that is why we are the rational choice for you.

On Time Moving and Cleaning LLC
Address: 1610 Monticello Rd Charlottesville, VA 22902-5217
Phone: (434) 760-1203

Thank you On Time Moving and Cleaning LLC for the reliable moving service! Keep up the good work!

moving & storage service If you are looking for moving & storage service providers in the region, look no further, and turn to us. We are capable of providing you with an outstanding service, that will meet your expectations and satisfy you. Our employees work in a professional and timely manner, that will surely please you. We are aware of how precious your belongings are, and that is exactly why we treat them with care and respect.

In case you are going to move a lot of goods to another location, and you have to do it in one day, you may lack the time and space to accomplish your goal. This is where our moving & storage service comes in handy. It is a wonderful alternative for you, since you will be able to move your property, and store what you cannot handle moving that day. Such situations, requiring a lot of your property to be relocated, are best handled by a professional mover with a storage facility nearby. Luckily, On Time Moving and Cleaning LLC is exactly that type of professional company that can offer you the convenience you need.

We work with a team of highly qualified workers, who have a lot of experience in this line of work. The moving service they provide is of impeccable quality. They know how to make sure your belongings are safe, by packing them carefully to get through the moving process. With us, you do not have to worry about scratches and transportation damage, because our employees are well aware of how your belongings should be handled. You can turn to us, even for a professional piano moving service, for the safe transportation of your precious instrument.

moving serviceWe train our workers to handle precious cargo, with extra attention and special care. That way you can be certain that your instruments, art or any other priceless object, will arrive where you want it, unharmed, and in one piece. Pianos are some of the hardest objects to transport. Their size, and the fact that they are a tuned instrument, makes the transportation incredibly complex. Turn to us for a piano moving service, that will bring your instrument to you as it was before moving.

We offer our professional services at competitive rates. Their affordability is what makes them available to people in need, and your satisfaction is our number one priority. Located in the region of Charlottesville, VA, On Time Moving and Cleaning LLC is probably the most reliable and trusted moving company in the area. No other company can offer you the comfortable service that we do. Contact On Time Moving and Cleaning LLC on (434) 760-1203, to receive a comfortable and safe moving service!

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