How Recycling Your Moving Boxes Can Save Trees

Ask Your Mover for Any Cardboard Box Recycling Options in Charlottesville, VA

Today our blog post will be dedicated to a topic a very few moving contractors raise: removal box recycling. As On Time Moving and Cleaning LLC is a reputable mover in the area of Charlottesville, VA, we do our best to inform the members of the local community about the moving process in general, as well as what can be done to improve it!

An average house move requires about 60 boxes, which equals more than a half of a 1 ton pine tree. With 42 million moves in the US per year, you can calculate on your own how many trees are killed for the production of all those packing boxes. Having in mind that an average person makes about 11 moves per his lifetime, if he recycles all those 660 boxes necessary for all the moves, he can save:

– 7 trees,

– 35 gallons of oil,

– 3,080 gallons of water,

– 18,480 KW of energy,

– 26 gallons of air pollution,

– 1 Cu. yards of landfill.

In order to convince you that recycling is the right way to deal with your empty cardboard boxes after the move, we have also prepared a short outline of the life of a cardboard box:

The Life Cycle of a Moving Box

  1. Trees are cut into logs.

  2. Logs become wood chips.

  3. Wood chips are boiled to a pulp and mixed with recycled material.

  4. The pulp is dried.

  5. Dried pulp gets rolled into paper.

  6. Paper is glued together, made into cardboard, and formed into boxes.

  7. Used or new boxes are packed up.

  8. Packed boxes are moved to the new home of a family that moves.

  9. Boxes are recycled or thrown away.

Recycling cardboard requires only 75% of the energy used to make new cardboard. It also lessens the emissions of sulfur dioxide, produced when making pulp from trees. Ask your local mover about the box recycling options in town and you will help Mother Nature!

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