Why Taking your Personal Irreplaceable Items With You When Moving?

Why You Cannot Fully Trust the Moving Company You Have Hired?


Did you know that moving is the 3rd most stressful event in a person’s life? Despite this, individuals, families, and businesses keep relocating from one town to another in search of better education, family and business environment. Every year about 43 million US citizens move around the country. More than 90% of them use moving, packing, and transportation services.

Unfortunately, not all of the contractors who are offering moving services on the market are licensed and insured to perform this job. For this reason, you can never fully trust a moving company. In order to avoid any relocation risk On Time Moving and Cleaning LLC, advises you to transport the following items yourself, instead of trusting them to a local Charlottesville, VA mover, when you are not sure whether the company is insured.

  • Financial and personal indentification documents
  • Jewelry, family valuables, and cash
  • Photo albums
  • CD documentation
  • Social security cards and licenses
  • Medical records
  • Legal documents (wills, deeds, home and car titles)
  • Personal valuables which bring you special memories (wedding photographs, tickets from events you were at, letters from a good friend, etc.)
  • Personal papers

moving companySometimes the reason for you to bring all those things with you while you are moving may not be lack of trust in the moving company, you have hired. It is just that accidents do happen – the relocation truck may get involved in an auto collision and burn, it may also be attacked and robbed, etc. Although such events are extremely rare, they do happen. The only thing your moving contractor can do in such situation is compensate you with money. But we all know that documents, pictures, or other items have a personal value and cannot be substituted by any money. This is why you should always keep your most precious belongings near you, while you are moving. Although your luggage may become a bit bigger than planned, you will always have the option to keep an eye on your valuables.